Additional Marlins Player Tests Positive For COVID-19

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Another Marlins player has tested positive for COVID-19 infection, per Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic (via Twitter). His identity is not known at this time.

It’s not altogether surprising to see additional positive tests arising, given the incubation period of the disease and multiple potential chains of transmission. In this case, Rosenthal says, contract tracing efforts had already identified the particular player as likely to have been exposed.

That doesn’t change the gravity of the situation. With this test, Rosenthal says, we’re now up to 17 players from the 30-man active roster that are carrying the virus.

There are many implications of this outcome. For one thing, it seems clear that the Marlins’ anti-transmission measures were insufficient. The team’s protocols — and/or individuals’ commitments to following them — not only failed to prevent an initial infection, but also did not tamp down the spread within the organization.

At a minimum, the Marlins will now have yet another roster spot that it needs to fill with a plausible MLB player. The team has been removed from play for the time being; whether and when it will resume remains to be seen and could yet depend upon whether further players end up registering positive tests.

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